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Why The Car Jump Starter In The Country To Sell The Fire?

Jun 26, 2017

Speaking of the Car Jump Starter, it is the main job is when the car battery is dead or necrosis can not lead to start the car can be a short time to start the ignition power supply equipment. In recent years, most of the cars will often occur due to battery loss, it is because of this, the domestic auto emergency power industry to flourish. Here I will take you to understand the working principle of starting the power supply. Car Jump Starter works The system is mainly inverter function, but also the core function of the product. Which includes charging, storage and so on.

Easy to carry, easy to operate the design of the original intention of the car, the use of PVC material and ABS material shell, high magnification model aircraft polymer batteries. Digital LED power display. Car Jump Starter through the car charger and home charge for charging, the product is equipped with an internal anti-charge, overcharge function. The protection of the circuit to start the power supply. Constant light, burst flash, SOS emergency lights only need to press the white button to open.

Multi-function Car Jump Starter basic working principle:

1. When the AC input, through the self-resetting (mutual investment device) to start the car, while the system controller will AC through the charger to charge and manage. Usually the Car Jump Starter car charger or home charge capacity is generally the product itself capacity of 1/10, only to provide complementary features, and did not have to provide inverter inverter current. In the controller system control, the inverter will stop working. The input AC power is supplied to the vehicle or other charged electronic products via the mutual installation (self-resetting).

2. When the AC power outage or overpressure, the controller system to issue instructions to the cast device, cut into the inverter power supply, it will use the battery savings to power the other products.

3. When the input AC voltage is normal, the controller system will issue a command, the inverter will cut to the shutdown state. At this point, the cast device is switched from the inverter to AC bypass power supply. Charge for other products to charge. At the same time it will charge the battery pack.

4. Car battery is generally 9V ~ 16V, the car starts, the engine began to work, this time the car battery is about 14V. When the car is off, the car's battery is about 12V.

There may be a lot of people do not know the car emergency start power this thing, know that the product does not know why it can sell so hot? Xiaobian today to explain to you why the Car Jump Starter in the country to sell the fire?

In fact, to be honest, the number of times a year off the car is not much, many people on the concept of the product is not strong, but why sell in foreign countries so good, not to say how advanced products, how expensive, because this product Selling is just a concept, selling is safe, selling is a guarantee, people now lack is a kind of emergency mentality, have to wait until the car stalled or can not start when the thought of why did not buy a such product The Buy this product is not for others, is to buy a guarantee for their own.

There is a reason is that foreigners to buy a guarantee is indeed right, because in Europe and the United States sparsely populated place, in case the car stalled, to find someone to help is very rare, looking for insurance companies to spend time, There is a car emergency start power in hand to save more.

So, we have to enhance their product concept, enhance their own mentality, buy a multi-functional car to start the power, buy is safe, buy is guaranteed!