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Why Can't Metro/air Mobile Power

Mar 14, 2017

According to provides, passengers took aircraft Shi, mobile battery needed according to civil aviation Council 2011 issued of civil aviation passenger luggage in the carry lithium battery provides for handle procedures, implementation of standard is mobile power of rated energy value (Watt hours): is less than 100 watt hours of can boarding; rated energy value in 100 to 160 Watt hours of charging treasure, boarding needed by airlines agreed; is greater than 160 Watt hours of not allows boarding.
Guangzhou metro staff, due to the mobile power quality, indeed there is a risk of explosion, accidents, impact the wider affected more. It is also used to discourage passengers in Guangzhou metro moved the main reason.
Industry sources said, the current mobile power quality and price varies greatly, there are two core, one 18650 batteries, another for polymer batteries, 18650 batteries of lower prices. 18650 batteries within the liquid electrolyte, this mobile power charging status of the batteries can cause internal voltage surge, once over-charging, overheating can lead to short circuits, burns and so on; if you experience vibration, impact, can easily lead to electrolyte leakage, corrosion of the circuit board and result in accidents.