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Why Can Fuel Cells And Lithium Ion Power Bank Become Power Batteries?

Jul 05, 2017

    Traditional lead-acid batteries were once the most important power battery, but because of the lack of pollution and performance, not only being replaced by the rising Lithium Ion Power Bank, but also may be fuel cell beyond. Lead-acid battery than the energy is low, in the new energy vehicles need to take the overall quality and volume is relatively large, a charge can travel relatively short process; short life, and the late use of high cost. But also because of the existence of pollution and the concept of new energy vehicles run counter to.

    From the big features, the current, lithium batteries in mobile phones, computers and other equipment in the large-scale use of new energy vehicles is useful, but not yet as important in small applications and extensive. And lithium batteries corresponding to, or even can be said to be complementary to the fuel cell, this battery seems to be natural for the electric / hybrid car was born. So for the electric car, whether the choice of Lithium Ion Power Bank or fuel cell? There is still a need for their main parameters to compare the description.

    1, the cost: high cost, complex hydrogen production process to become the main obstacle to the development of fuel cells. Lithium Ion Power Bank production costs are relatively low, in addition to its repeated charging is very convenient, compared to other portable energy, which has a higher cost-effectiveness.

    2, environmental protection: the two are very small impact on the environment. Burning the battery discharge product to water, does not produce gasoline / diesel fuel generated after combustion of greenhouse gases. Lithium Ion Power Bank discharge products may have lithium oxide, lithium hydroxide, etc., will not affect the environment. In addition, Lithium Ion Power Bank can be reused.

    3, the reaction material: fuel cell using polymer film as an electrode to support the reaction after the hydrogen power generated. The polymer film must be specially processed to withstand high temperature and mechanical stress. Lithium-ion batteries rely on lithium-ion adsorption charge reserves or release power. The quality of lithium ions is very light, so it is ideal for automotive power batteries.

    4, the potential: if the cost of fuel cells can be reduced, you can really as a gasoline / diesel fuel alternative energy. If the Lithium Ion Power Bank energy density can be further improved, the cycle life can be longer, it is also a very good driving energy.

    5, the reality of the challenge: for fuel cells, there are a number of technical problems waiting to be resolved. The Lithium Ion Power Bank development is facing the problem is the general level of low-cost charging infrastructure.

    Fuel cells and lithium batteries, although the advantages and disadvantages of the battery as a different, but are ideal car battery, in the current car storage facilities, can be seen as complementary to the two types of power supply.