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What Is The Use Of Car Jump Starter?

Jul 05, 2017

Now in people's daily lives, with the emergence of intelligent high-tech electronic products. People will continue to improve their lives, from time to time will buy what electronic products, but also often encounter electronic products without electricity, and sometimes this situation will make people feel very angry, like you hungry to the extreme, a bowl The rice is in front of you, but it is poisonous. Then ask you in urgent need of electricity when you need what is most, there is no doubt that you will certainly answer is the Car Jump Starter. I believe we all know that the main role of the Car Jump Starter is the car in the absence of electricity, loss of power or other reasons, can not start when used to help the car to start a product. But listen to the use of Car Jump Starter, said the use of Car Jump Starter car is not just start the car, it has other uses. Then the Car Jump Starter in addition to start the car what is the use of it? Here Angai cited several relatively use with more and often use some of the features:

1, when traveling to provide lighting. In the Car Jump Starter in the car, the general will be a strong LED lighting system, the internal layout of a strong lighting, not only can provide us with lighting, but also with burst flash, SOS emergency lights, light lighting and other functions, can facilitate us Night lighting, to deal with all kinds of emergencies. If we need to use the LED lighting function, only need to press the key for 5 seconds to start the lighting function, and then short press the key to switch the lighting state can be, and its lighting state: light, burst flash, SOS, close.

2, mobile phones, notebooks and other electronic products to provide a supply source. In addition to starting the car car, to provide lighting, but also has a feature, that is, it can be smart phones, notebooks and other products to provide a supply source. Because the Car Jump Starter in the car is a full-featured new car charger, it has four USB ports and a DC power interface, which USB interface for MP3, PDA, mobile phones, digital cameras, recording pen and other digital products to provide charging, DC power connector can use different phones to use different hand-connected connector charging, very convenient. (Under normal circumstances a lot of people out of business when the laptop, mobile phone no electricity, and in the urgent and other customers of the phone, this time really want to heat on the ants, and how to do, there is no place to charge around, I believe you read this article will not have any doubt - the Car Jump Starter, Ang Jia recommended, it can provide multi-interface output to help your phone, computer charging use).

3, the car stall emergency time to help you start the car. When your car can not start outdoors because of loss of power, you will be very annoying, but annoying is annoying but can not solve the problems encountered? Do you have to call the trailer, although the trailer can solve the problem, but if there is a hurry, how can you solve your burning eyebrows it, and dragged a few hundred drag, this time there is a Car Jump Starter, help You start the car and can be recycled for use. Easy to use, Xiao Bian suggest you buy a mobile power, might as well buy a Car Jump Starter?