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What Is A Car Jump Starter?

Jun 01, 2017

The Car Jump Starter is a multi-functional portable mobile power developed by car dealers and business people. Its characteristic function is used for car loss or other reasons can not start the car when the car can start, while the inflatable pump and emergency power, outdoor lighting and other functions together, is one of the necessary outdoor travel products.

Automotive emergency power design concept for easy operation, easy to carry, while able to cope with various emergencies. Currently on the market of Car Jump Starter for the two, one is lead-acid batteries, and the other is lithium polymer class.

Lead-acid battery type car Car Jump Starter is more traditional, using a maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, the quality and size are larger, the corresponding battery capacity, starting current will be relatively large. Such products are generally equipped with an inflatable pump, as well as overcurrent, overload, overcharge and reverse connection protection and other functions, you can charge all kinds of electronic products, some products also have the inverter and other functions.

Lithium polymer car Car Jump Starter is more trendy, is the recent emergence of the product, light weight, small size, can be grasped. This type of product is generally not equipped with inflatable pump, with overcharge function, and the lighting function is more powerful, can supply power for all types of electronic products. Such products generally have a burst of flash lights or SOS remote LED rescue signal function, more practical.

Currently used in the world as the main emergency power supply are the following categories, but no matter what kind of discharge rate has a higher demand. For example: electric bicycle lead-acid batteries and cell phone charge Po lithium battery current is far from enough to start the car.

1, lead acid:

A, the traditional flat lead-acid battery: the advantage is cheap, extensive and durable, high temperature security; the disadvantage is bulky, frequent charge maintenance, dilute sulfuric acid easy to leak or dry failure, low temperature below 0 ℃ can not be used.

B, winding battery: the advantage is cheap, compact and portable, high temperature safe, low temperature -10 ℃ below can be used, maintenance is simple, long life; the disadvantage is relative to the lithium battery volume weight, less lithium battery function.

2, lithium ions:

A, polymer lithium cobalt oxide battery: the advantages of small, beautiful, versatile, portable, long standby time; shortcomings are high temperature will explode, low temperature can not be used to protect the line complex, can not overload, small capacity, high quality goods expensive.

B, lithium iron phosphate battery: the advantages of small and portable, beautiful, long standby time, long life, more than the polymer battery temperature, low temperature -10 ℃ below can be used; shortcomings are high temperature 70 ℃ above insecure, The capacity is smaller than the winding battery, the price is more expensive than the polymer battery.

3, the capacitor class:

Super capacitor: the advantages of small and portable, great discharge current, charging fast, long life; shortcomings are high temperature above 70 ℃ unsafe, complex protection lines, the smallest capacity, the price is extremely expensive.