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Using The Mobile Power Products, Also Should Pay Attention To Several Issues

Mar 14, 2017

A, mobile power supply output voltage shall be within the scope of 5.3V ± 0.5V, or not to charge certain brands;
B, relay connector to match, using principles of mobile power products are connected by a USB cable for the digital device charging, cables with one end of the USB interface to connect mobile power products, and digital equipment at the other end, so the other end of the interface must be consistent with the interface of digital devices will not be able to charge.
C, mobile power supply should be dealt with in a dry environment. Rain, moisture, and various liquids or moisture will corrode electronic components and circuits.
D, mobile power cannot be stored at high temperatures. High temperatures will reduce electronic device life span, damaged battery and some plastic aging.
E, cannot be used with a rowdy, tapping mobile power-throwing. Rough use can damage the internal circuit boards and fine mechanics.