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Use Mobile Power Need To Guard Against Dangerous

Mar 14, 2017

Mobile power may seem small, but when danger is tantamount to a ticking time bomb around, very dangerous. Typically, mobile power although there are some quality defects, such as electricity deficiency problems, but they tend to avoid personal injury, so the general public do not have to worry too much. Many mobile power fires caused by improper handling multiple users, such as mobile power placed by the fire, summer in the Sun, often received high temperature and so on.
Capital fire sector reminded: in purchase mobile power Shi, first do not select no brand, and no factory name, and no site of three no products; avoid mobile power long time charging, as using official configuration of charger, don't using not match of charger; mobile power in not using Shi, not placed in high temperature of place, more not into water in the, should put in dry of place; don't will mobile power unauthorized demolition or transformation, necessary Shi need invited professional people to for operation.
To consider when purchasing mobile power packages or directions as indicated on the temperature, avoid high temperature safety of use.
Power is not the only cell phone battery with high capacity is so simple, so important to consumers in the purchase of a comprehensive assessment of its safety properties, material and brands such as circuit boards, batteries, and so on.