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Study On Cathode Materials For Power Lithium Ion Power Bank

Jun 26, 2017

This paper first discusses the safety of power Lithium Ion Power Bank, introduces the commonly used power Lithium Ion Power Bank materials, and focuses on several of the new Lithium Ion Power Bank material properties, synthesis, modification and so on, and between each other A detailed comparison of the new Lithium Ion Power Bank research progress.

China's current power Lithium Ion Power Bank has achieved high success, has been successfully used in many areas, especially the electric car industry, a great convenience to people's lives, to save fuel consumption, reduce pollution is also great effect.

1 power Lithium Ion Power Bank safety

For power lithium-ion batteries, in order to effectively solve their safety problems, mainly from the following aspects: the rational design of the thermal effects of the battery, effectively prevent the use of heat in the case of uncontrolled, and find a safe electrolyte and cathode materials.

With the large-capacity power Lithium Ion Power Bank applications, short circuit and process safety issues become increasingly prominent, which is the power of Lithium Ion Power Bank to achieve large-scale, multi-domain applications must overcome a major difficulty. Power Lithium Ion Power Bank safety problems, including blew, fire, leakage, etc., these security issues, greatly hindered its practical progress [1].

With the new power Lithium Ion Power Bank materials continue to develop, in terms of safety performance, made new progress. So how to develop and prepare a new type of power Lithium Ion Power Bank material for improving the safety performance of power Lithium Ion Power Bank is of great significance.

2 power Lithium Ion Power Bank cathode material

LiNiO2, LiCoO2 and Ni-CO-Mn three-element lithium oxygen, etc., these materials, although the advantages of high capacity density, but their safety is generally poor, hidden great Of the security risks. At present, China's research on new type cathode materials has made great progress, mainly including the following.

2.1 Lithium iron phosphate

The theoretical capacity of lithium iron phosphate is 170 mAh / g, and the charge and discharge voltage is 3.5 volts. It is compared with the traditional lithium battery cathode material, the source is more extensive, more affordable, for the environment is also more good. Lithium iron phosphate as a cathode material, but the battery has high thermal stability, high safety and excellent cycle. So lithium iron phosphate can be used as a very safe power Lithium Ion Power Bank material.

2.1.1 Synthesis method of lithium iron phosphate

There are many methods for the synthesis of lithium iron phosphate, which are listed below in the form of tables and indicate their advantages and disadvantages. See Table 1 for details.

Study on Modification of Lithium Iron Phosphate

Lithium iron phosphate, although the safety performance is high, but there are some fatal flaws, such as low electronic conductivity, slow ion diffusion, volume energy density is small. These have affected the practicality of lithium iron phosphate, and therefore need to be modified. Scholars have carried out a wide range of research, and made great progress.