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Ready To Buy Used Mobile Power Safety Standards Have To Be Cautious

Mar 14, 2017

Good news is, on the safety of lithium-ion batteries first national compulsory standards are in place and will be implemented with effect from August 1 this year. The standard the standard number is GB 31241-2014, the full name for the portable electronics, lithium-ion cells and batteries safety requirements, contains more than 30 data indicator. Although it is not mobile power supply the machine GB, but because lithium-ion batteries are mobile power (of the machine equipment) security key, so the standard implementation, lithium-ion batteries for mobile power supply should meet their requirements, mobile power quality and safety will also be regulated to a certain extent. In addition, the standard information technology aimed specifically at mobile power power General specification for portable digital devices has been handed down by the national standards Committee plans drafted by the China electronics Standardization Institute of the lead organization, believe that between the formal introduction of the time should not be too long.
Easy popularity
In recent years, with the development of smart phones, quad-core and eight-core processors, large screen, various applications so that more and more people can not do without the phone, listening to music, watching movies, anywhere, anytime Internet access, gaming to convenient and handy. However, the cell phone standard battery is after all limited, out of use causing power shutdown of frequently occur frequently. Then, move the external power supply of the natural "phone controls" of the blitz.