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Portable Mobile Power Supply Maintenance

Mar 14, 2017

1. avoid falling to touch, in particular, be careful not to squeeze. Electrical like of products has always been ban not up fell touch, mobile power also not exception, small of mobile power actual is complex of electric core device, fell touch or extrusion at any time are may broke inside of components, especially some people like readily put mobile power put in seat Xia, or put in bedside table Shang, was various magazine books pressure with, please note such is is easy hurt mobile power of electric core.
2. pay attention to the temperature and humidity. We have experienced, if wet weather, particularly the South, opened the home TV set, the picture is a little fuzzy, color distortion, this is the effect of humidity on electrical. Mobile power is no exception, of course, so try to avoid the temperature and humidity in an environment too extreme storage mobile power, if weather is wet, it can be used more frequently, to charge it, so that is also a good way to protect it.
3. try not to not use on full charge. This is like this cell phone battery maintenance, mobile phone battery not charging, it generally does not advocate complete interrupted use, so does the mobile power. Before you move the power to charge a mobile phone battery, first you have to move the power supply battery full, in the process, try to avoid charging or does not complete the interrupted, because that would wreck it as long.