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Portable Mobile Power Supply Features

Mar 14, 2017

Portable mobile power mobility refers to the product in a move State (such as travel, meetings, or inconvenient Chargers not around charging case) its function, that is, anywhere (anywhere), anytime (at any time) is not restricted to power digital products or charge, really gives a feeling, makes life and work quality can be improved. Especially for charging the mobile phone is very convenient.
Universal portable mobile power refers to the product to fit the widest range of digital products. Mobile power for mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, game consoles (PSP), Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, CD players, video machines, digital cameras, portable DVD, portable computers and other digital products and services. In fact, not only that, the mobile power supply through the USB cable using any USB compliant On-the-Go (USB-OTG) portable devices (USB light, USB eye Massager, USB coffee maker and so on, and so on), as the most convenient mobile power supply.