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Performance Of Lithium Ion Power Bank Products

Jun 13, 2017

At present, the main producers of Lithium Ion Power Bank are Japan, South Korea and China, 2012 Korea surpassed Japan to become the largest country of production and sales. Zhang Na said that Japan and South Korea accounted for nearly 70% of the global power battery market, mainly because of its professional division of labor is clear, less administrative barriers, vehicle manufacturers and system integrators system integration capacity is much higher than China's pure electric vehicles manufacturer. The Chinese side, auto companies and power batteries failed to integrate into each other, investment is relatively disorder, and the government's guidance is not strong.

Lithium Ion Power Bank is the biggest disadvantage of life, with the continuous charge and discharge, the battery capacity will drop. For example, after a year of use, the battery capacity may be only half of the factory.

Polymer Lithium Ion Power Bank and the traditional liquid Lithium Ion Power Bank is the main difference between the different electrolyte. Lithium Ion Power Bank use liquid electrolytes, while polymer Lithium Ion Power Bank with solid polymer electrolyte instead, this polymer can be "dry", it can be "colloidal", which just make up for the traditional Lithium Ion Power Bank defects.

Lithium Ion Power Bank if you do not use the battery for a long time, it is best to charge it to about 80% and then save it, do not let the battery in a low battery state, so as not to reduce battery life. Also the battery should not be stored at high temperatures, try to place the iPhone close to room temperature (22 ℃) state.

Lithium Ion Power Bank rechargeable battery is a major problem is the greater the battery, the longer the charging time. When charging a battery, always charge from outside to inside, so the greater the battery, the longer the charging time. By dividing the battery into a small number of batteries, it may be possible to solve this problem.

Lithium Ion Power Bank due to high energy efficiency, recharging performance is good, the use of small loss, etc., are generally used in the field of consumer electronics and electric vehicles. At present, energy-efficient, high-density chemical batteries can only be achieved by liquid dielectrics, and liquid media is relatively fragile, need to add multiple safety protection measures to the battery, which makes the large battery system is complex and expensive.

18650 battery safe and reliable. We know that lithium ions are very active, in the lithium battery short circuit is likely to produce an explosion, which is why not put the key with the BL5C battery together, after all, this result is still very terrible. 18650 lithium battery is different, in addition to positive and negative separation, short circuit may be very small, 18650 lithium battery can also be installed protective plate, to avoid overcharge the battery overcharge, greatly extending the battery life.

18650 lithium battery market has been more mature, is the most suitable alternative to BL5C as a digital audio power and exist. Although to a certain extent, 18650 battery will increase the cost of digital audio, but in exchange for the real use of the effect. Step back, as long as the user can really help, this 18650 lithium battery is not the standard digital audio, I think the general user will not care too much.