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Mobile Power Supply How To Choose

Mar 14, 2017

Power blade, global ultra thin mobile power, polymer batteries, 8000mah 2.1a dual output. Awarded the 2013 German red dot design award, 5.2mm extremely thin design, hand water transfer printing process, loose-leaf notebook storage holes design. EMIE create scalable USB patented design, when charging users to gently open the USB port, insert connector to charge real thin. Compatible with almost all digital products, automatic identification, provide the most suitable charging scheme, smart phones such as Apple, Samsung, iPad and other tablet computers, PSP, digital cameras, and a variety of mobile devices a perfect charge. SEG Digital Plaza in Suzhou on sale: 299 Yuan.
Ultra thin power polymer
Double integration, comes with charging cord, intimate and convenient carrying, 10000mah, medium capacity, compatibility of GE Hong's digital equipment, meet the social demand for party occasions. Light and extravagant design, design inspiration from party bags, elegance, romantic color. ABS+PC flame retardant level heat-resistant plastic material, secure next-generation lithium-polymer battery, good cycle life, more durable products. SEG Digital Plaza in Suzhou on sale: 199 Yuan.