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Lithium Ion Power Bank Separator Main Performance Requirements

Jul 17, 2017

With the promotion of new energy vehicles, the market demand for power lithium batteries began to expand. Diaphragm as a Lithium Ion Power Bank core material, its performance directly affects the battery capacity, cycle performance and safety performance and other characteristics. In industrial production, the Lithium Ion Power Bank separator main performance requirements are the following aspects:

1, thickness uniformity

The thickness uniformity of the Lithium Ion Power Bank separator directly affects the appearance quality of the diaphragm roll so that the inherent properties of the diaphragm uniformity include longitudinal thickness uniformity and transverse thickness uniformity. Which is particularly important for lateral thickness uniformity. Generally require control within ± 1 microns.

2, mechanical properties

Tensile strength of the general tensile strength is mainly refers to the longitudinal strength to reach more than 100mP, lateral strength can not be too large, over the General Assembly led to increased lateral shrinkage. Anti-puncture strength due to the diaphragm is caught in the rugged positive and negative pieces, need to bear a lot of pressure. In order to prevent short circuit, so the diaphragm must have a certain anti-puncture strength. Experience, anti-puncture strength of 300 to 500 grams.

3, through the performance

The size of the membrane permeability is the result of the composite factors such as the porosity, pore size, pore shape and porosity of the diaphragm. Lithium Ion Power Bank separator itself has a microporous structure, micropores in the diaphragm material should be evenly distributed. The aperture is generally 0.03μm ~ 0.12μm, the pore size is too small will increase the resistance, too large is easy to make positive and negative contact or dendrites piercing short circuit.

4, physical and chemical properties

Wetting and wetting speed, better wettability is conducive to improve the battery charge and discharge performance and capacity. Chemical stability, the membrane should be in the electrolyte should maintain long-term stability, not with the electrolyte and electrode material reaction. Thermal stability, temperature rise, the diaphragm should maintain the original integrity and a certain degree of mechanical properties. Safety protection of Lithium Ion Power Bank safety Lithium Ion Power Bank manufacturers to become the most important part of the link.