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Lithium Ion Power Bank Resistance Is Too Large The Main Reason

Jul 17, 2017

Lithium Ion Power Bank resistance, it is popular to say that the current flow through the battery within the resistance, in general, can be divided into two kinds of DC resistance and AC internal resistance, the impact of Lithium Ion Power Bank resistance factors, because the battery resistance is very Small, so the resistance in the test process is not a real internal value.

Lithium Ion Power Bank resistance for large, it will cause the Lithium Ion Power Bank conductivity decreased, thus affecting the overall performance of lithium batteries, the following will be analyzed from various aspects of Lithium Ion Power Bank resistance is too large factors:

First of all from the positive ingredients conductive agent point of view, there are several main factors, the positive electrode conductive agent too little, the material and the material between the conductivity is not good; too much positive binder binder, adhesives are generally high molecular , The insulation performance is strong; the negative binder is too much; the dispersion of the ingredients is not uniform; the binder solvent is not complete and can not be completely dissolved in water; the pull density of the coating is too large, the ion migration distance is large; The density is too large roll too real, rolling over dead, active material structure and some damage; positive ear welding is not strong, there virtual welding; negative ear welding or riveting is not strong, there Weld, desoldering; winding The distance between the positive and negative pieces is increased; the positive electrode and the shell are not welded firmly; the negative pole and the pole are not welded; the battery baking temperature is too high and the diaphragm shrinks and the diaphragm diameter is reduced.

Second, from the Lithium Ion Power Bank electrolyte point of view, the common injection of the amount of liquid is too small, the conductivity decreased, increased resistance after circulation, after pouring time is too short, the electrolyte is not fully infiltrated, when not fully activated, into The process of electrolyte leakage is too much; production process is not strict water control, battery expansion; battery charging voltage is set too high, resulting in overcharge; battery storage environment is unreasonable and other factors.

Finally, from the Lithium Ion Power Bank materials, such as cathode material resistance, diaphragm material, positive PVDF material effects, positive electrode conductive material, positive and negative pole material impact, there are other factors, such as the inside Resistance test instrument deviation, man-made operation, by the impact of the environment and so on.

To introduce the impact of Lithium Ion Power Bank internal resistance of the multiple factors, these factors are produced in the battery manufacturing process, it is recommended in the Lithium Ion Power Bank manufacturing process must do all aspects of non-testing, to confirm the good material and finished product performance Testing, to ensure that lithium batteries into the market is the best performance products.