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Implementation Of Mobile Power Supply GB Effect On Industry

Mar 14, 2017

With the popularity of smartphones as of 2014 smartphone users in China has exceeded 500 million, and mobile phone battery use time from the previous 3 day rush was shortened to the present day on a single charge, which led to power the industry's Renaissance. Portable power as a fast growing and each year a large number of enterprises to enter new industries, in recent years, mobile Internet and Smartphones, led by fast-growing State. According to incomplete statistics, over 5,000 mobile power producers, but most of the small enterprises, have a certain brand of fewer than 50.
According to incomplete statistics, China Mobile power market size of over 10 billion yuan, in 2014, the market for mobile power supply reached 16 billion yuan, an increase of 52.38%. Review Mobile power market growth in the past four years, remained at 65% per cent annual growth. In addition, mobile power supply battery capacity gradually increase also contributed to doubled size of mobile power markets is one of the important reasons.
Because of their power in China do not have national standards to measure the limits of these products, resulting in uneven DC mobile power supply in the market, each year from the mobile power explosion but tens of thousands of people injured. Profiteer profiteer manufacture inferior products, batteries, circuits and wires and other places are not yet used to the qualified products, for the purpose of high interest to the user's personal safety is at stake.