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First To Understand What Is Quick Charge 3.0?

Jul 05, 2017

Over the past couple of years, the word "fast charge technology" has quickly entered the eyes of people and is considered one of the most practical features of smartphones. In fact, the current mainstream smartphone used by the fast charging technology, more from the high-pass chip native support, recently just released the latest generation of fast charging technology Quick Charge 3.0, we come to explore what exactly is what we expect local.

Fast charging is not a fresh concept, as the name suggests, is to make your smartphone charge faster than ever. The easiest way to get the device to be quickly charged, and the most common, is to increase the charge current to maximize charge efficiency. The latest fast charge technology, and now also support the battery to a higher voltage charge, the power line to achieve higher power transmission.

However, both the smartphone and the charger, the normal must be compatible with the same charging voltage and current, or the implementation of fast charging may encounter several situations:

The first case is that if your phone supports a 9V / 2V charge, but your charger current is only 1A, then the entire charging process will become relatively long; and the other case is that your charger Current is 2A, but your phone only supports 0.7A current charge, the same will lead to slow charge; there is a situation you are using high-current charger for fast charging equipment compatible, but because of non-certified products Of the reasons, charging efficiency is also difficult to be guaranteed.

To tell the truth, the early advent of fast charging technology, most of them are similar to the technology, that is, optimize the initial charging process of transmission power, so that the user power shortage, to a very short period of time to the appropriate power, and then unplug the line use.

What is the magic performance of latest Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology? According to, in about 35 minutes will be able to a traditional mobile phone from 0% charge to 80%.

There are two Quick Charge 3.0 will say the point, one with Quick Charge 2.0 compared to the fast charge speed up to 27%, reducing power loss up to 45%; second than Quick Charge 1.0 faster than 2 times the charging speed The

It sounds quite surprising, but did not promote the battery in the late charge, the actual power transmission efficiency will become much lower, so although the fast charging technology can make your battery full of time reduced by 50%, faster, But still need more than an hour to be fully charged.

However, we need to note that is not boasting how fast charging, how long to reduce the focus is "to improve the efficiency of charging." To this end,has developed a particularly commendable technology, known as the "best voltage intelligent negotiation algorithm INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage)", and that can optimize the power output to protect the battery life cycle.

The first is to optimize the power output, the specific thing is that the portable device has the ability to select the required power level to achieve the best power transfer at any time, and maximize efficiency. For example, Quick Charge 3.0 can achieve up to 38% more efficiency than QuickCharge 2.0.