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Car Jump Starter Precautions The Larger The Displacement, The Greater The Current Required

Jun 13, 2017

In addition to the car to start the car, there are many other features, such as the Tablet PC charging 5V / 1-2.1A output interface, to the notebook computer charging 19V / 3.5A output interface and to the car charger 12V / 2A output interface.

In the use of Car Jump Starter process, there are many considerations and the use of details.

First, under normal circumstances, fully charged once to start the vehicle several times?

Different displacement of the car in the use of the same Car Jump Starter when the number of charges is also some differences, in general, the higher the number of vehicles with the less the number of cars. According to the relevant information, for the 1.0L-4.0L between the mass displacement, full of electricity can start the vehicle roughly 10-15 times.

Second, is there a limit on the engine?

In the case of mass displacement, the general engine can use this type of Car Jump Starter, but the higher the engine displacement the number of cylinders, the more kinetic energy required when starting, the instantaneous demand for the higher current, so the higher When using this type of equipment in a high-displacement car, it is important to note whether the maximum output current of the product is supported.

Third, it is relative to the traditional car to ride the advantages of electric wire where?

For the vehicle no electricity rescue this thing, I personally still deeply understand, if it is a good way to manually block the car, you can use the original cart method to solve, and automatic models can only take electricity rescue, if this time to find Less than the second car to help, really can be a sudden death of individuals. The car emergency start power this thing can solve the needs of the rescue alone.

Fourth, it is relative to the traditional car to take the power grid where the disadvantage?

External battery has a certain security risk, due to high temperature lead to charge treasure explosion cases are often heard, so in the use of this type of equipment must pay attention to the details, such as summer, try not to store this tool in the car, you can Received in school bags, kits and other dry places, when needed to take out with the line on the line, otherwise it becomes a time bomb, and in the other is not very hot season also try to store in dry and cool place.