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Car Jump Starter Common Sense

Jul 17, 2017

According to the research report, the number of China's auto market in 2016 was 294 million, an increase of about 28 million. With the increase in car ownership, but the ensuing annual car repair costs are also increasing year by year, of which 10% of the cost is because the Car Jump Starter directly or indirectly caused. For this market, the emergence of a car Car Jump Starter, then today Xiaobian said for everyone!

What is a Car Jump Starter?

Specifically for the regular driving traveler, in the car loss of power or other reasons can not start the case of the car, can start a car portable multi-purpose mobile power.

design concept

Automotive emergency start power design concept - easy to operate, easy to carry, and can cope with the car due to a variety of emergencies.

Daily application

Car: portable and durable, can be for most of the 12 / 24V vehicles to provide auxiliary power supply.

Notebook: with 19V voltage output, can provide a stable notebook power supply voltage.

Mobile: car boot power is also equipped with a 5V power output, more support for mobile phones, electronic paper books, PSP, MP3 and other entertainment equipment battery life.

Additional applications

Lighting warning: Car Jump Starter side of the assembly LED super bright white light, flashing warning lights, and SOS lights, travel is a good helper.

Compass: travel lost, you can find the direction of home.

A window breaker that can not be used to crush the window.

Battery type and characteristics

1, lead acid:

A, the traditional flat lead-acid battery: the advantage is cheap, extensive and durable, high temperature security; the disadvantage is bulky, frequent charge maintenance, dilute sulfuric acid easy to leak or dry failure, low temperature below 0 ℃ can not be used.

B, winding battery: the advantage is cheap, compact and portable, high temperature safe, low temperature -10 ℃ below can be used, maintenance is simple, long life; the disadvantage is relative to the lithium battery volume weight, less lithium battery function.

2, lithium ions:

A, polymer lithium cobalt oxide battery: the advantages of small, beautiful, versatile, portable, long standby time; shortcomings are high temperature will explode, low temperature can not be used to protect the line complex, can not overload, small capacity, high quality goods expensive.

B, lithium iron phosphate battery: the advantages of small and portable, beautiful, long standby time, long life, more than the polymer battery temperature, low temperature -10 ℃ below can be used; shortcomings are high temperature 70 ℃ above insecure, The capacity is smaller than the winding battery, the price is more expensive than the polymer battery.

3, the capacitor class:

Super capacitor: the advantages of small and portable, great discharge current, charging fast, long life; shortcomings are high temperature above 70 ℃ unsafe, complex protection lines, the smallest capacity, the price is extremely expensive.


1, the choice, we must pay attention to the power of the Car Jump Starter, peak current, because it will determine which type of car it is suitable to start

2, placed, the average charge every three months charge and discharge time

3, when buying attention to product certification, whether it is regular or consulting manufacturers

4, check the power is virtual standard

5, the standard power of the car emergency power supply one-time continuous start the car will not be more than five times