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About Quick Charge 3.0 You Should Know

Sep 30, 2017

In the new battery has not yet entered the consumer market situation, Qualcomm's fast charging technology can be said to be an effective way to improve battery life, can greatly shorten the charging time, improve efficiency. At present, fast charging technology has been developed to Quick Charge 3.0, if you want your next phone to support this feature, may wish to look at the following information.

What is fast charging?

As the name suggests, Quick Charge (Quick Charge) is a way to enhance the charging speed of the technology. The principle is very simple: through the chipset support, enhance the phone's voltage and current input values, thereby shortening the charging speed.

Of course, this requires some qualifying conditions, the chipset support is the primary condition, and secondly, a charger with the same voltage and current compatibility is required. For example, if the phone can support 9V / 2A fast charge, but the maximum charger current is only 1A, then it can not play the maximum charge speed.

What is the upgrade in version Quick Charge 3.0?

Qualcomm's fast charge has now been developed to version 3.0, claiming its charge speed compared to the first generation increased by 40%. Through the figure you can see, 3.0 version of the use of dynamic voltage, support up to 20V, compared to 2.0 5V / 8V / 12V has greatly improved. The benefit of this change is the ability to dynamically adjust to achieve the initial fast charge, which is why compared to the previous Quick Charge 3.0 in the final trickle charge when slower than the previous 20%, but reduced energy loss, heat, enhance the overall charge efficiency , The loss of the battery is also less.

In order to use Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 function, a necessary condition is the chipset support, need to carry the mobile phone Xiaolong 430,617,618,620,820 processor, which is a necessary threshold, the user at least need to wait until the beginning of 2016 to See a large number of compatible devices listed.