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What are mobile power type

Mar 14, 2017

1. move power supply with charger function, what does this charger without any other extension functions. Advantage of this example the charger capacity, is as professional external power supply.
2. mobile power with solar panels, and can be recharged by the Sun in the process make up the power so as to achieve the goal. Past such mobile power applications in special teams and special industries. As the conversion rate of solar panels advance on the civilian, now began to be popular.
3. mobile power with lighting effects, built-in energy-saving Super LED lights and power. If only for LED lighting up, credential size can take advantage of built-in battery capacity 3 hours to 30 hours or even more, depending on battery size.
4. to latest skills and the most quiet of lithium polymer electric core production out of highest quality quiet character of mobile power, will power store in battery electric core in the, more high faster of will power transmission to electronic set equipment deployment. at any time achieved can with filling with with, side playing side filling. convenient shortcut, quiet cover of strengths, compared other mobile power product, quiet sex do has highest.