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Mobile power usage notes 10

Mar 14, 2017

1. be careful not to fall off in the process, 9 please do not disassemble or use damaged mobile power. Swing hitting and strong power;
2. try not to move the power supply using a temporary exposure to Sun and rain;
3. it is strictly forbidden to move power in the water, otherwise most likely scrapped immediately;
4. Please don't store flammable liquids in the vicinity of mobile power, gas or explosives, prevent explosions;
5. placed in mobile power away from the children's place, so as to avoid unnecessary accident;
6. move the power supply when not in use, put it in a dry and ventilated place, avoid short-circuit and metallic dash information contact;
7. do not use non-original charger for charging the mobile power, otherwise it will cause mobile power overload caused by damage or a risk;
8. do not place a mobile power supply in high temperatures or very low environment, or likely to cause interruption caused by the automatic maintenance features;
If battery liquid is accidentally spilled on the skin, immediately wash with tap water and busy medical treatment;
10 according to the relevant environmental protection regulations disposal of damaged products and accessories.