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Mobile power supply maintenance tips

Mar 14, 2017

1, in order to prevent water and moist
Mobile power is a kind of electronic components, which need waterproof, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the appliance, mobile power is necessary to waterproof, moisture-proof.
2, fall, corrosion
As a general mobile power, words can not determined its internal structure is damaged goods, so quiet mobile power to heal very well. Corrosion is primarily says NS mobile power, alcohol and other chemical materials, corrosion, prevents normal day, otherwise it will form a charging treasure.
3, temperature, storage and use
Influence of environmental temperature on chemical reaction is not contempt, and an internal rechargeable treasure we rely on chemical reactions to supply the required power. Shall identify each mobile power, application and storage temperature on the standard we demand for mobile power supply repair it is necessary, in accordance with the instructions, may not make the environment temperature is too high or too low.