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Mobile power conversion efficiency analysis

Mar 14, 2017

In some zhiqian, first to everyone simple description about mobile power of charging principle, currently market Shang all of mobile power of built-in electric core are for 18650 or polymer two species, its nominal voltage for 3.7V, and phone, digital products of standard entered voltage for 5 v, for some, mobile power need through itself of Board put built-in battery boost to 5V, to achieved to external equipment charging of function.
Reading Shi we school had energy conservation, a 8000 Ma of mobile power, its battery of energy for: 8000maHx3.7V=29.6wh, boost for 5V zhihou, battery of General energy not variable, but power is into 29.6wh รท 5V=5920maH, this on like put loaded full 3.7 rose of Cup of water pour into a 5 rose of Cup in, after has first step of into, originally of 8000 MA on only left 74% has, is 5920 Ma, 5920 MA is actually the power to charge mobile phones and other digital products.
So, 5920 MA are not all filled the phone to do, the answer is no, because it also has a variety of losses.
Circuit transmission loss felt by all in the process that you are using, and mobile power both in their charge is for charging the mobile phone would have a little fever, then in for charging the mobile phone in the process, sending parts of the heat energy loss is actually the built-in battery,
Voltage loss. Is a variation of the voltage of the lithium-ion battery discharge, discharge voltage safety range is 4.2V-2.7V, the power of conversion also made a difference. General voltage ranges between 3.6-3.9V and is able to release the battery of 80% even more power, and if outside this range, power loss will increase.