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How to use mobile power

Mar 14, 2017

1. the charge several times before the new power and energy to more than 12 hour abilities fully activated battery? This is not so. Now Ni-MH batteries (NI-CD and Ni-MH) has knocked out cell phones and laptops, portable power (charging Bao) and other equipment using lithium-ion batteries (Li-ionBattery lithium-ion batteries do not need to activate it because his battery to initialize and test process is fully activated, so no need to worry about the first time was packed with more than 12 hours of use
Compared to the high voltage and low voltage battery,
2. excessive charging may cause battery explosion? Energy density of lithium-ion batteries. When charging the lithium-ion battery electrode oxidation-reduction reactions are violent, so lithium-ion battery conditions of use must be strictly limited, over charge, over discharge, short circuit, high temperatures will lead to battery damage, fire and even explosion. But the actual use of lithium-ion battery is safely maintains several batteries together with a set of circuits as well as a variety of safety devices is encapsulated into a Panel. These safe design ensures overcharge, automatically cut off when excessive discharge and short-circuit the battery circuit; for example, Yu Bo SSK racing King of mobile power supply and so on now have 5 battery protection feature internal high pressure will trigger the exhaust pressure. So, just not with the quality of the dodgy fake batteries, not on mobile power supply full charge time to unplug the power supply will not cause a battery explosion. So, to prevent over charge, over discharge, short circuit, high temperatures, improper use of fire and explosion may occur, so when charging, filling you can plug in without your battery and let it last much longer.