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How to learn about charge treasure

Mar 14, 2017

The first to talk about battery capacity: 18650 batteries can be divided into two types one is volume, one is power, making mobile power batteries is high capacity. Some battery capacity on the Internet right now is really very exaggerated. Even more than 3000 Ma. Actually I did for so many years in the battery factory, the largest domestic 18650 2800 MA (research and Development Department has 3000, but not right away). Is the majority of 2600 to 2200. Imports of Samsung, Sanyo, LG 3000 Ma's prices are very expensive.
Has removed a so-called 12000 Ma Si 18650 battery mobile power, with no sign is marked with 2000 mAh battery. I feel this product may have on Taobao is of good quality. At least it has 8000 mah.