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How are mobile power intelligent protection function

Mar 14, 2017

1. and overcurrent protection
Intelligent test charge and discharge currents, when you set no ceiling on output over/into the current system, mobile power management IC will automatically shut off the current to prevent damage due to excessive current mobile power boards
2, overvoltage protection
Intelligent detection output/input voltage when the output/input voltage exceeds the system limit, the system automatically interrupts the circuit to protect mobile power supply and digital products are not damaged.
3, short circuit protection
Caused by bad soldering of external or internal line short circuit, the smart chip on the motherboard, in a very short period of time (generally 1-3 milliseconds) detects and automatically cut off the circuit to prevent battery fire, explosion caused by a short circuit.
4, over charge, over discharge protection
Intelligent recognition of battery voltage, lower when the battery voltage reaches 2.75V, cut off the current automatically to prevent excessive battery discharge and shortens battery life.
Intelligent recognition of battery voltage when battery voltage reaches the upper limit when 4.2V or 4.35V, cut off the charge current automatically to prevent battery overcharging damage caused.